We lead Washington State’s value in terms of the fruits, vegetables, grains, and other ag products. The region is known as one of the world’s leading producers of apples.

Food & Beverage

Over the past few years, Seattle-style restaurants have been opening in the valley alongside many of Yakima’s long-standing favorites. Rumor has it the Yakima Valley has some of the best authentic Mexican cuisine in the nation.

Entertainment & Atrtractions

Throughout the year, our communities are booming with festivals and live music events that make the Valley a vibrant tourist destination with a variety of options to indulge in. Come explore the arts, culture and rich history of our Valley.

Outdoor Recreation

We have here and around us just about everything a sports and outdoor recreational enthusiast would want for every age and activity level.

Wine, Craft Beverages & Festivals

The Valley contains about 75% of the nation’s total hop acreage, plus more than 100 wineries consisting of over 17,000 acres of vineyards.

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