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The community of Selah is located north of Yakima, just through the upper gap in the ridges that frame the Yakima Valley.

About the Community

Selah is located at the south end of the Yakima River Canyon Scenic Byway and offers numerous outdoor recreation access points. Like its surrounding communities, Selah is big on recreation — outdoor pursuits and team sports alike. Being close to the canyon and other nearby outdoor destinations is ideal for campers, hunters, archers, ATV riders, mountain bikers, trail runners, birdwatchers and fishermen.

Sports tourism is a hit in Selah. The Carlon Park Athletic Complex attracts baseball and softball tournaments and other events throughout the spring and summer months. A community swimming pool also gives residents an opportunity for outdoor fun.

The community’s biggest party is the annual Community Days celebration, held in mid-May. Other local gatherings include the Independence Day Festival in July, the Christmas Selah Lighted Parade in December and And Selah’s Wednesday Market on Wednesdays from May through July.

Selah is the home of international fruit products manufacturer Tree Top, as well as a number of well-known fruit companies such as Matson Fruit and Larson Fruit.

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