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Prosser is a Lower Valley town on the Yakima River that reveres itself as “A Pleasant Place with Pleasant People,” known for its festivals and wine.

About the Community

    Located about 10 miles east of Sunnyside, the town of roughly 5,000 residents offers you a picturesque perspective of rural America at its best.

    The Yakima River meanders through town past several grassy parks, where picnicking, cycling, walking and jogging are favorite activities for locals and visitors.

    Tales of the past can be found nearly everywhere. Check out the interesting old headstones in the cemetery. Tour historic downtown, the Benton County Courthouse, the Benton County Historical Museum, and the many Victorian style homes that quietly grace the city.

Prosser is surrounded by vineyards and orchards that produce some of the finest fruits, vegetables and wine grapes in the world.

Local harvests have inspired gourmet dried cherries, fancy pickled vegetables, wreaths of culinary herbs, and English walnut treats.

    The Washington State University Irrigated Agriculture Research and Extension Center is the largest of its kind in the world. It is known globally for its research concerning numerous irrigated crops. Visitors and scientists from over 50 countries tour the facility every year.

    Something you may not know: Washington’s wine making began in Prosser. Today Prosser wines are recognized around the world for their quality and value.

The city’s big event is the Great Prosser Balloon Rally, scheduled around Septrember. Every year, hot air balloonists gather to fly over the Yakima Valley.

You don’t have to fly a balloon — visitors flock to Prosser just to capture the colorful balloons and their pilots on film.

Early morning launches are planned for both Saturday and Sunday. They take off from Prosser Airport, just off Wine Country Road near town.

For information, visit www.prosserballoonrally.org.

A special feature of the rally is a Saturday night event at Art Fiker Stadium where several of the balloonists will tether their crafts and light up for the spectators, displaying their colors.

“Night Glow,” as the event is called, will take place after dark. But the gates open at 5:30 p.m. and food is available.

Going on the same weekend is the Harvest Festival, which celebrates Prosser’s rich agricultural heritage and features arts and crafts, photography, food vendors and live entertainment.

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