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This Lower Yakima Valley town of about 4,000 residents has come a long way in recent years, adding to its population and business base while making a number of civic improvements.

About the Community

Granger is especially known for the dozens of dinosaur sculptures that have been built there. Ever since mastodon tusks and teeth were found at the Granger clay pit in 1958, going prehistoric has seemed fitting for a town theme. So the city’s public works department created the first dinosaur in 1994; a baby brontosaurus. As of 2019, the City is home to 33 dinosaurs.


The city hosts a Dino-N-A-Day event the first Saturday in June at the Hisey “Dinosaur” Park on Main Street.

While you’re in Granger, be sure to check out Granger’s Historical Society Museum, located inside the Granger library.

You can find links to other events and visitor information at the Granger Chamber of Commerce website.

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